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Web Skipper

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In this pages, various aspects on Sailing will be presented. Helpful to new Sailors (mostly) and to "experienced" sailors too we hope.
Tips on Sailing will include:
Articles, Interviews, Pictures with explanations or selfexplained, the flags, "advises" from experienced sailors, and many other "Tips" so WATCH IT.
Blinking "New", stays for 2 months.
Graphics are kept to minimum size for quick index browsing.

NOTE for non Greek Visitors: If an item is in English it will be written next to it as "Engl." or "in English", or if the Title is in Greek, obviously the article will be in Greek. (so you do not surf in foreign languish!).

[Creation Date: 10 Dec. 1995 ..] [..Up - Dated: 1 Jan. '99]