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ΟΚ, οι λγοι που το "φησα" εναι τι
"κουρστηκα", απ ανοσιο "πλεμο"....
Προσεχς Περισστερα

Aegean Archipelagos 1st Race

Hellenic Class Associations
Weather in Greece
Poseidon Weather Project
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Do not forget that at '90s the internet was VERY slow so Pictures
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Gold Medals in Sailing for Greece:

1960 ROME With Dragon Boat by:
HRH Crown Prince Constantine (captain)
O. Eskitzoglou  G. Zaimis
1996 Atlanta Mistral
N. Kaklamanakis
 2004 Athens Women's 470
E. Tsoulfa and S. Bekatorou (captain)

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