There are a few clubs at the present on the web.
Most, started on SailingGr in 1995!, when the internet was not familliar to many!
The total number of clubs in Greece are 125 clubs.

The First two clubs on the SailingGr and the Greek web are:
Y.R.C.A. H.O.R.C.
Both started with Dr. A.N. Fanariotis as club skipper at November 1995.


  Club Name Club's-e-mail
H.O.R.C. (P.O.I.A.Th)
Hellenic Offshore Racing Club
Started November 1995
Hosting: SailingGr
Organizes the "International Aegean  Week" since 1963. Every year the race, visits 3 islands and it covers a distance of 300-400miles. It has offshore sailing. school.
A very well updated site by it's new club skipper, Manos Roudas
Agios Nikolaos Sailing Club (Krete)
Started April 1999

N.O. Androu
Nautical Club of Andros
Started summer 1997
No Data at the present (July 2001)
Nautical Club of Kalamaki
Started December 1998
Hosting: To be announced
This site is one of the  most informative web sites. The club skipper Eleni Kammenou, is renewing the site almost on daily basis!. You will find lots of info on classes treated by the club, 470, optimist, laser etc. 
Nautical Club of Thessaloniki
Started August 1996
To be announced
   Front Page Under constraction (Jan. 2001)
Nautical Club of Palaio Faliro
Started June 1998
Hosting: To be announced


Site reconstructed by Irini Nissiriou Nov.99. An excellent  presentation of professional standards. I Understand that club skipper will be changed and new site will constracted (July '01)
Nautical Club of Delfinario  
Started June 1998
Hosting: To be announced
 SailingGr Club skipper was to take care of site constraction but under new rearrengent of SailingGr site has to be hosted in other server
Y.C.G. (N.O.E.)
Yacht Club of Greece.
Started February 1997
Hosting: SailingGr
The oldest  Nautical Club in Greece. 
Originally named Royal Nautical Club of Greece.  The club organizes many international meetings and publishes the AELO magazine. Also in its web you will find published an Album 
Y.R.C.A. (N.O.A.)
Yacht Racing Club of Athens
Started November 1995
Hosting: SailingGr
The club is very active,  in offshore or class   racing competitions.  Organizes the "Aegean Archipelagos Race" since 1995. a 500miles race non-stop. It has offshore sailing. school. It also treats classes: Optimist, 470, etc.
More Clubs
  Nautical Athletic League   (N.A.S) Dimitis Psaras

web site and very promissing. (Oct 2001)
  P.S.C (I.O.P.)
Pireaus Sailing Club

Site under construction Aug'99.

By July 2001 the site is not completed.

Athletic Nautical Club of Rodos
Most of the Site is Under construction Oct. 2000
Still you can find details on the 
RODOS CUP 7-14 July 2001

Sailing Club Aiolos


Site in Greek and in English.
This Club is the organizing center of J/24 races in Grete. 
Sailing Club Thessaloniki
  Pages by 8th July '99 are in Greek only. Information's included are brief History of the club and board of directors.
Aeolos_Kalamatas  Pages in Greek only, a very good one

Yacht Racing and Athletic Club of Lavrion
Popy Damaskinou Site is mostly under constraction
Korthi Nautical Club Web Masters submission:
Korthi Nautical Club main page. News and information about Korthi Nautical Club
in Andros, Greece
Under constr. Feb.2000



FIND COMPLETE Catalogue of all  the clubs in the above site. Look under the name Clubs (in Greek)