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Books provided by SailingGr.
The books presented bellow, are free of charge and are distributed by the clubs as well, on hard copy.
Some times there are difficult to find, (until next edition comes).
In SailingGr, are available 24 a day including holidays!,  provided you have Greek characters loaded!.

If you know any other site presenting Hole publications PLEASE Inform Web Skipper

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This Books are albums published by the Piraeus Sailing Club and the Yacht Club of Greece respectively.
You can ask for a  hard copy from the corresponding club or you can shuffle the Internet version, here in SailingGr.

The books are written in Greek language. Soon,  an English translation will be provided.

titop.gif (6194 bytes) The Hellenic Optimist Class Association (HOCA) is the most organized Class and the biggest in Greece.
This Book is written in 1995 (in Greek)  by three coaches and supported in hard copy by The Yacht Racing Club of Athens
This book, is the best help to our yank sailors.


Book Stores in the internet

  Address Comments
A  When you visit the site, make a query on "sailing"
E Eagle Ray Look for "Greece, Sea, Guide", a "Slde Roule", "Knots book", e.t.c.
R    An excellent web site where you can find over 2500 boating books.
All books are presented in detail with a picture of the cover page and a short description. 
The Variations on Sailing Books, make this site invaluable.